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Introducing Yours Truly

July 7, 2020

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being a guest on LOA TODAY Your Daily Dose of Happiness hosted by Walt Thiessen and had a wonderful conversation with him and Louis de Souza on one of my favorite topics which is using the law of attraction to create the life that you want. I was delighted when asked to join them every Monday to discuss topics that revolve around using the power of our mind/emotions to navigate this field of energy we are operating in.  Please SUBSCRIBE to the channel, and there's also now an LOA TODAY App available for your Daily Dose of Happiness  :)

You can catch the Live Stream on YouTube every Monday from 4 -5 pm and tune in every day for a different flavor that Walt brings onto his show!


Sharing Stories

July 13, 2020

Monday Momentum with Walt & Louis was so much fun! On this show we discussed the law of attraction, our ideas around parallel realities, and where our religious paths began and how they ended up evolving into a spiritual one. Plus some wonderful reading suggestions, and lots of laughs.

Louis is a firecracker and Walt keeps the boat steady as we ride the waves of discussion and bounce experiences and ideas off each other. Subscribe to the channel if these topics interest you.

You can also find the LOA Today App on Android and iPhone.