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Ever since their father mysteriously disappeared on a secret expedition, Ruth and David Duncan have been obsessed with finding him. Their dangerous journey takes them into a magical realm, where they must nurse sick dragons, chase gryphons, track an elusive phoenix, and find many other mystical creatures. Along the way, they must use all the strength, courage, and cleverness they can muster in order to survive.


Ruth and David's search for their father--and the second Ancient Relic of Alchemy--takes them to a secret underwater world in the Caribbean Sea. Deep below the surface, they confront extraordinary dangers and summon all their courage in order to find a cave that will take them to the center of an aquatic civilization. Once there, they must convince the members to part with one of their most valuable possessions.


In my senior year at the Atlanta College of Art, I entered a national publishing competition, hosted by Red Cygnet Press based in San Diego, California. Their mission was to publish upcoming talent in the Children's Book arena. Students from all over the United States were asked to submit a manuscript [which had to be 3,000 words or less] accompanied by a page of illustration for every page of writing. It was a Picture Book contest. Meanwhile, I'd written a short story for an Urban Fantasy internet contest, as a means of escaping a five year novel project that was frustrating me. Quest for the Dragon Stone was never meant for publication, but my professors were supportive in me entering this contest, and long-story-short, I won a contract. Subsequently, another book was asked of me with the possibility of developing this into a twelve book series.  I am the author and illustrator of both books from cover-to-cover. It was such an amazing experience to be given creative freedom to design my first published books.  Although Red Cygnet Press went bankrupt, these books gave me an exciting sneak peak into the real world of not just creating books, but how to market them, and engage with my readers. I see them as my Published Author Internship. I spent two years doing this as a full-time job. I traveled locally and regionally, spoke to small and large audiences about my book, designed a costume that I wore to author visits, and created an engaging multi-media presentation involving music,  art, and tactile objects for kids to interact with. I even had the chance to see these books adapted for the stage by Theater on Main in Acworth, Georgia. One thing these books showed me, was I love all sides of the Author Game, and they primed me for all aspects of what it takes to be a professional author--from creation to marketing--I know this is my passion and I love every side of it.